The Baseball Game

Today I went to my first Japanese baseball game. It was very enjoyable. I felt like I really cared if our team won. I might have felt some type of connection to this team because there colors were orange just like the Detroit Tigers back at home. I sat down and no more than five minutes later I was out of my seat getting food. I ordered some chicken from the concession stand, this chicken did not taste like it should be sold at a concession stand. I then got back up and went to buy some soft serve ice cream which was wonderful. Once I came back to my seat with this ice cream two more of my friend got up to get what I had. The Ice Cream in Japan tastes a bit different than that of the United States but I really liked it. Once the baseball game ended I wanted to get some food to go, but as soon as the last play was over every concession stand simultaneously closed there doors, it was kind of entertaining.

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