The Cars in Japan

Every car that I see here aside from the taxi’s of course are all high priced Mercedes Benzs and Lexus’s and of course some Toyota’s and Audi’s spread out amongst them all. I love automobiles so being able to walk down the street and admire a well manufactured vehicle was sometimes the highlight of my day. I have been told that it cost a lot of money to be able to drive in Japan, so I would imagine that the people that do drive around Japan have a great amount of money which would explain the amount of nice cars on the road compare to the amount of simply mediocre cars. There are fees to park fees for insurance, plates, as well as the car note you may have. On top of all those fees the gas it takes to make the car move is very expensive. The gas in Japan is about 700 Yen per gallon. Which is equivalent to seven dollars per gallon American money, that is outrageous.

  1. #1 by carlyinjapan on June 13, 2010 - 8:15 pm

    One thing I noticed about the cars was how pristine they were! It’s probably similar to what you mentioned, about only wealthy people owning cars. In America, I see so many cars that look like crap, either because they need to be washed, or because they are dented or missing whole parts completely. In Japan there was none of that. The cars were perfect, and it just added to the quality of the city life!

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