I have officially graduated from my bachelors degree program and I am ready to cease the day “carpe diem”. There is only one problem. I can’t find a J.O.B! Who would have thought it would be this difficult to become a real adult. I think I would much rather go back to the days of mother waking me up for grade school, coming home to watch the Friday night line up followed by the hardest decisions that followed me in my day to day life…what pair of shoes to wear with each outfit. Those were the days. But I must face reality, and the truth is I don’t have those luxuries that I once thought were boundaries, anymore. Graduating college is a well respected accomplishment, but search for jobs and actually landing a suitable candidate is an even greater accomplishment. Stay posted for the updates of my job search and the ups and downs of my life that WILL occur along the way. Thanks for Reading, Jo!

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