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I have officially graduated from my bachelors degree program and I am ready to cease the day “carpe diem”. There is only one problem. I can’t find a J.O.B! Who would have thought it would be this difficult to become a real adult. I think I would much rather go back to the days of mother waking me up for grade school, coming home to watch the Friday night line up followed by the hardest decisions that followed me in my day to day life…what pair of shoes to wear with each outfit. Those were the days. But I must face reality, and the truth is I don’t have those luxuries that I once thought were boundaries, anymore. Graduating college is a well respected accomplishment, but search for jobs and actually landing a suitable candidate is an even greater accomplishment. Stay posted for the updates of my job search and the ups and downs of my life that WILL occur along the way. Thanks for Reading, Jo!


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My Japanese Disney

So today I explored Japan on my own with a couple of my group members. We took the JR train and rode for about thirty minutes. Our final destination was Tokyo Disney. I was so excited when I got off that train I felt like a little child who had never been to Disneyland before. While the train was pulling up to our stop the first thing I saw was Cinderella castle, simply breath taking. The Disney park in Japan compared to the one in the states is very small. There were a total of about maybe twenty rides throughout the whole park. The great thing about Tokyo Disney were the shops that careered some things that the American Disney does not. I also enjoyed the many shows that went on during the course of the our time at the park. I saw many Japanese dancers dressed as Disney characters and they did a very good job. This was one of my best Disney experiences.

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Fox Entertainment TV Japan

Today in my spare time I was able to meet with the Vice President of Fox Entertainment Television in Japan. His name is Dan Smith. He has been working in Japan for over ten years now. Dan let me know a little bit about the business and how the television industry works. I felt very privileged to be able to talk to such a high rank in the television industry in Japan. He makes his job look so easy but he was sure to let us know that it takes a lot of hard work to put out a product of quality. After sitting down in Starbucks with Dan we later were able to visit Fox Entertainment TV Japan. There office was not too far from Rapunge. After going in and looking around and talking to some of the editors and producers that worked there I began to feel a bit more comfortable with envisioning myself in that position. I also found out that they use the same type of video editing software that I use right now. Talk about motivation.

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The Cars in Japan

Every car that I see here aside from the taxi’s of course are all high priced Mercedes Benzs and Lexus’s and of course some Toyota’s and Audi’s spread out amongst them all. I love automobiles so being able to walk down the street and admire a well manufactured vehicle was sometimes the highlight of my day. I have been told that it cost a lot of money to be able to drive in Japan, so I would imagine that the people that do drive around Japan have a great amount of money which would explain the amount of nice cars on the road compare to the amount of simply mediocre cars. There are fees to park fees for insurance, plates, as well as the car note you may have. On top of all those fees the gas it takes to make the car move is very expensive. The gas in Japan is about 700 Yen per gallon. Which is equivalent to seven dollars per gallon American money, that is outrageous.

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Shopping In Japan

After a while it began to fill like all I did in my spare time in Japan was shop. I just could not help my self, there were so many stores and so many different types of merchandise in each I felt like I owed it to my self to at least explore them every chance I got. I went to high end stores I visited little no name stores that still had cute merchandise. I also went to these malls that are unheard of in America seven story malls. There is a different store on every floor. The reason for the seven story malls I think is to save space, because Japan is so over populated this country needs to conserve space anyway they can. Shopping in Japan is an experience I will never forget. I not only enjoyed shopping for new cloths and items that had to do with fashion, but I also enjoyed buying and trying new foods that I could go back to America and talk about.

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The Marina

Today we went to Japan’s Marina It was so beautiful. I really love water so that might have been why I enjoyed this trip so much. The structure of the Marina was breath taking. The Japanese really put a lot of work into making this place easy on the eyes. The Marina had plenty of boats and coastguard outlets. Once we walked below the Marina dock there were shops and boat models to look at. While looking at the shops I saw different types of clothing and bags that I hadn’t seen before. After looking at the shops we made our way back up to the Marina dock and I got a Ice cream cone that with 2 scoops. After leaving the marina we walked through china town located in the heart of Japan. Then after the day was over we had to find our way back to the hotel by using the JR line. I felt very accomplished being able to navigate through Japan on my own.

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The Baseball Game

Today I went to my first Japanese baseball game. It was very enjoyable. I felt like I really cared if our team won. I might have felt some type of connection to this team because there colors were orange just like the Detroit Tigers back at home. I sat down and no more than five minutes later I was out of my seat getting food. I ordered some chicken from the concession stand, this chicken did not taste like it should be sold at a concession stand. I then got back up and went to buy some soft serve ice cream which was wonderful. Once I came back to my seat with this ice cream two more of my friend got up to get what I had. The Ice Cream in Japan tastes a bit different than that of the United States but I really liked it. Once the baseball game ended I wanted to get some food to go, but as soon as the last play was over every concession stand simultaneously closed there doors, it was kind of entertaining.

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