Quotes by Jojie

What I need I don’t have, and what I have I could do without, What I want isn’t the BEST for me, but what I’ll get is whats meant.

Much Love, Jojie

The land of Milk & Honey…hmmm….well I know it was suppose to be all well and good, but what about those Lactose intolerant people or the ones allergic to Bees? Paradise is not paradise for everyone. Think about that.

Much Love, Jojie

Social Networks give self esteem boosts to those who haven’t done much to deserve one. Because despite what you believe a person can be ANYONE they want online…it’s reality that trips them up. Think about it.

Much Love, Jojie

Why get married? Less Free time, more headaches, unspoken curfew…HA! But lower taxes…I’ll pass. While I’m doing me, you can come visit.

Much Love, Jojie

No I will NOT go Easter Egg hunting, I will NOT buy your baskets of bunnies and chocolate aimed at consumerism And I will NOT wear clown colors and over sized Hats too Church. But I will be at ihop after service for those Chicken and waffles…There Awesome!!!

Much Love, Jojie

Have you ever thought that the Dreams you have for your life had to have come from somewhere? What I Dream is possible! Maybe that’s the only way HE could show me his plan for me. Don’t put your Dream on hold…Live IT! I Am 🙂

Much Love, Jojie

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